Find A Dentist

The price of dental work is pretty expensive, and its only getting more difficult to find an affordable dentist. Consider that you might have to travel a reasonable distance to save money. Calculate the cost of your travel expenses and compare them to the price of the local dentists, and see which one is cheaper. Put a small value on your time, if you’re dealing with a local dentist the overall trip will be quicker, so value your time, you might have to take off work or arrange a way to make it to a dentist that is farther away.
Chain dental companies, are often some of the more expensive dentists that you can find. These are often avoided, unless you don’t have any other options. Also consider that some of these chain dental companies don’t want to do extractions. They are looking more toward whiting, cleanings, possibly fillings. They aren’t looking to get into major dental jobs, they are in it for the quick turnaround, and fast cash flow. They usually don’t want to work with government insurances, and usually won’t do cash discounts.
Some dentists that are willing to accept assistance insurance, and discount for uninsured patients. There are some dentists willing to accept government insurances, and offer a cash discount for the uninsured patient. They are probably far and few between anymore, but they do still exist. You are most likely to find them as small 1 or 2 person operations that are family owned and operated. They often won’t do a lot of the major dental work either, most of the time they will refer you to an oral surgeon. They are great if you are looking for fillings, teeth whitening, cleanings, and other minor dental work. Google for your specific area, you will get a feel of their general size from the amount of hits you get on google from a search.
Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount if you don’t have insurance, some may offer it, others may not. You will almost always be able to put a certain amount down, and pay the rest off in payments. This is the case for a majority of the dentists, especially if you need dental work immediately. Feel free to shop around for a dentist, ask prices and if they accept your insurance or if you are paying cash, if they discount. Inquire about payment options if you are having cash flow troubles.
Quality of the dentist is an important factor. If you have heard horror stories about any specific dentist, or several stories, you may want to consider a different dentist. Often you will see a bad review on a dentist, this is pretty common because people dislike going to the dentist in general. They will over-exaggerate the situation, and it will be a one-sided story, that you will be hearing from the patient side of it.
Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable dentist that does good work, do your research. Use references from what you see online, and what local people have told you about the dentist. Don’t be afraid to ask on twitter, or facebook if anyone has experience with the dentist, most of the time someone will say that they have and tell you how it went.